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Image by Ozkan Guner

Endodontics: The Secret To Saving Smiles


Endodontics, which is commonly known as root canal therapy, is the branch of dentistry that focuses on diseases and injuries of dental pulp, the soft tissues inside every tooth. Its purpose is to save a natural tooth, heal infection, and to relieve pain.

Did you know that more than 14 million teeth receive endodontic treatment each year?

By choosing endodontic treatment, you are making the decision to keep your natural teeth, which is really important as it gives you the ability to…

  • chew a variety of foods so that you don’t have to give up your favourites and so that you receive a full range of nutrition – no compromising due to discomfort and inability to chew

  • bite cleanly and confidently – no avoiding foods, especially in public, which allows you to relax and enjoy meals in the company of friends and colleagues

  • speak clearly and without pain

  • laugh with ease and confidence – no more covering your mouth due to the embarrassment of discoloured teeth or pain.

Beneath the hard enamel exterior of your tooth, there is a canal that contains what we call “pulp” – the soft interior of the tooth. Pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Because the pulp does most of its work during tooth development, its job is pretty much done by the time you are an adult. That’s why, fortunately, adult teeth can survive just fine without pulp. They do this by drawing nutrients from surrounding tissues. And that’s why, when tooth pulp becomes inflamed or infected, often the choice of treatment includes removing the remaining pulp and along with it, the infection.

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